Careers & Volunteer Opportunities

It takes a strong team to ensure the success of Riverbanks Zoo and Garden!

More than 300 employees and over 150 volunteers continuously strive to fulfill our mission and provide top quality experiences for our guests. Find out how you can contribute to our terrific team.

Our Mission It is our mission to create meaningful connections and inspire actions that will have a lasting impact on conservation.

We are dedicated to providing:

  • The highest standards of care for our animals and plants.
  • Delivering a diverse educational and high-quality recreational experience for all Riverbanks visitors.
  • Utilizing all available resources for the conservation of the earth’s flora and fauna.

Our Values An organization’s values are the driving forces by which the organization strives to live by as it pursues its mission and seeks to accomplish its objectives. These values are our shared beliefs, which energize our actions in a consistent manner.

  • Respect — To show consideration and appreciation for all people, animals, and living things.
  • Quality — To be committed to providing and maintaining a distinguishable level of excellence for our guests and ourselves.
  • Professionalism — To perform consistently at standards of excellence that are compatible to our profession and which demonstrate integrity and ethics in every aspect of our business.
  • Responsibility — To operate in a fiscally responsible manner and to conduct our operations ethically and well within the framework of the budget and the law.
  • Growth — To actively pursue avenues to expand our market share — seeking and welcoming new guests, groups, and opportunities — without losing sight of our mission.
  • Service — To provide our guests access to innovative and reliable services that meet and exceed their expectations for quality.