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Homeschool Programs

Explore nature through hands-on learning during Riverbanks’ Homeschool Monday programs throughout the school year. Whether you’re an animal enthusiast, budding gardener, or knee-high naturalist, homeschooled children ages 3–12 will enjoy a variety of exciting experiences to pique every interest.

Homeschool Classes

for ages 5–12

Enjoy a new class each month for homeschool children ages 5–12. Each class focuses on a particular zoo topic and includes hands-on activities at the Colonial Life Discovery Center.

Scheduled Programs

Masterful Mimics

Nature loves a good game of hide and seek. Uncover the mysterious world of models and mimics that allow living things to survive.

Monday, September 12 (Fall Session A) / Monday, September 19 (Fall Session B)


Animal Armor

From scales to horns, suits of armor make life tough for predators. Join us as we explore the differences in animal armor among the zoo’s smallest and largest residents.

Monday, October 10 (Fall Session A) / Monday, October 17 (Fall Session B)


Shocking Surprises

Wildlife often uses the art of surprise to get the upper hand. Don’t miss out on this exciting exploration into some of the most unusual defenses in nature.

Monday, November 14 (Fall Session A) / Monday, November 21 (Fall Session B)


Fantastic Food Webs

All living things need energy. Join the quest to uncover how all living things connect in the great web of life.

Monday, February 20 (Spring Session C) / Monday, February 27 (Spring Session D)


Diverse Diets

Did you know zoo staff prepare over 300 different diets a day? Come find out what’s on the menu as we take a deeper look into herbivores, omnivores, and carnivores.

Monday, March 20 (Spring Session C) / Monday, March 27 (Spring Session D)


Energizing Ecosystems

The quest for energy connects all living things. Discover how one tiny change can have a big impact on the ecosystems around us.

Monday, April 17 (Spring Session C) / Monday, April 24 (Spring Session D)


Program Details

Birthdate Ranges :
  • Level 1 : Ages 5–6 (Birthdate: 9/1/2015 – 8/30/2017)
  • Level 2 : Ages 7–9 (Birthdate: 9/1/2012 – 8/30/2015)
  • Level 3 : Ages 10–12 (Birthdate: 9/1/2009 – 8/30/2012)
Cost :
$36 per participating student per session (3 classes). Note: If you are not a Riverbanks member, a general admission ticket will also be required.
Program Length :
Programs run 75–90 minutes.
Location :
Colonial Life Discovery Center (at the Zoo).

Homeschool Family Workshops

for ages 5–10, but all ages are welcome

Join us in Waterfall Junction to enjoy this program designed especially for Riverbanks’ Homeschool families. Families will cooperatively learn and participate in activities that explore our natural world.

Scheduled Programs

Nature’s Defenses

While plants cannot enter flight mode when under attack, they can certainly fight back with an array of defenses. Join us as we explore some of the unusual ways that plants have of protecting themselves from predators.

Monday, August 29


Plants as Providers

Plants are the backbone of survival for all animals. Let’s take a peak at how they provide oxygen, food, and shelter for all creatures big and small.

Monday, February 6


Program Details

Cost :
$25 per family (up to 6 people max per family). Note: If you are not a Riverbanks member, a general admission ticket will also be required.
Program Length :
Programs run 60 minutes.
Location :
The Waterfall Junction Learning Center in the Botanical Garden.

Little Learners Programs

for ages 3–5 (w/an Adult)

These programs are offered for our littlest learners. Ages 3–5 can join us in discovering cool things about the animals in our world.

Scheduled Programs


They are cute and furry, but these tree-hugging animals are not bears! Come find out what they are and what makes them truly special.

Monday, September 12 / Monday, September 19



Armadillos look like a mixture of a huge roly-poly, a pig, and a medieval knight, but they’re actually mammals, closely related to anteaters and sloths. Learn more about how these guys eat, move, and roll up into a ball in this fun program!

Monday, October 10 / Monday, October 17



Level up your knowledge on the unique features that make giraffes so special!

Monday, November 14 / Monday, November 21


Kangaroos and Wallabies

Come hop about with us and learn how to tell the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo!

Monday, February 20 / Monday, February 27


Flightless Feathered Friends

Join us in our investigation of the unique birds that stay on land or in the water!

Monday, March 20 / Monday, March 27



Join in as we learn all about zebras and their fantastic zigzags!

Monday, April 17 / Monday, April 24


Program Details

Cost :
$10 per child.
Location :
Safari Camp at the Zoo.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or date change requests must be received ten days in advance of the event. Requests must be submitted in writing at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden will retain a $2 processing fee for cancellations and charge a $2 processing fee for date changes.

In the rare event that Riverbanks Zoo and Garden must cancel the scheduled event, all deposits or money received will be reimbursed or an option to reschedule will be provided. Notification of cancellation will be provided at least ten days prior to the scheduled event (unless weather-related). Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is not liable for any other expenses that the guest may have incurred in the preparation and execution of the event.

Refunds will not be provided for individuals who do not show up for the event.

Questions about Homeschool Programs?

Please call 803.602.0803 or email us.