Homeschool Programs

Explore nature through hands-on learning during Riverbanks’ Homeschool programs throughout the school year. Whether you’re an animal enthusiast, budding gardener, or knee-high naturalist, homeschooled children ages 3–12 will enjoy a variety of exciting experiences to pique every interest.

Homeschool Classes

for ages 5–12

Enjoy a new class each month for homeschool children ages 5–12. Each class focuses on a particular zoo topic and includes hands-on activities at the Colonial Life Discovery Center.

Scheduled Programs

Ssssensational Signs

Wildlife is all around us but often hard to spot unless you know how to look for the signs. Join us this Fall as we become wildlife explorers, using tracks, scat, and other signs to learn about our native friends.

Monday, September 25 (Fall Session C)


Backyard Birding

Fall migration is a great time to hone your birding skills! Join us as we learn some basic identification skills, why birds migrate, and how Riverbanks is protecting songbirds!

Monday, October 9 (Fall Session A) / Monday, October 16 (Fall Session B) / Monday, October 23 (Fall Session C)


Brilliant Behaviors

Become an expert on animal behavior as we discover how keepers and wildlife biologist study behavior to maintain excellent animal care and conserve species.

Monday, November 13 (Fall Session A) / Monday, November 20 (Fall Session B) / Monday, November 27 (Fall Session C)


Conservation Superhero Recycle Ranger

This spunky superhero knows the 4R’s and demonstrates them daily. Join the mission as we learn how the R’s can help save our planet.

Monday, February 12 (Spring Session D) / Monday, February 19 (Spring Session E) / Monday, February 26 (Spring Session F)


Conservation Superhero Green Gardener

Growing season is upon us! Discover how to be a green gardener this spring like Riverbanks Plant “Keepers.”

Monday, March 11 (Spring Session D) / Monday, March 18 (Spring Session E) / Monday, March 25 (Spring Session F)


Conservation Superhero Thoughtful Trail Blazer

Plan, prepare, and practice principles of “leave no trace” is this superhero’s motto. Whether you camp, hike, or just visit the community park our tips can help you save the day.

Monday, April 8 (Spring Session D) / Monday, April 15 (Spring Session E) / Monday, April 22 (Spring Session F)


Program Details

Birthdate Ranges :
  • Level 1 : Ages 5–6 (Birthdate: 9/1/2016 – 8/30/2018)
  • Level 2 : Ages 7–9 (Birthdate: 9/1/2013 – 8/30/2016)
  • Level 3 : Ages 10–12 (Birthdate: 9/1/2010 – 8/30/2013)
Cost :
$36 per participating student per session (3 classes). Note: If you are not a Riverbanks member, a general admission ticket will also be required.
Program Length :
Programs run 75–90 minutes.
Location :
Colonial Life Discovery Center (at the Zoo).

Little Learners Programs

for ages 3–5 with an adult

These programs are offered for our littlest learners. Ages 3–5 can join us in discovering cool things about the animals in our world.

Scheduled Programs

Sharks and Whales

Let’s learn about these giant creatures of the big blue ocean.

Monday, September 25



Monarchs are on the move! Let’s find out where these butterflies are going and why.

Monday, October 9 / Monday, October 16 / Monday, October 23


Autumn Leaves

Why do leaves change color? Let’s investigate plants in the fall!

Monday, November 13 / Monday, November 20 / Monday, November 27



Let’s learn about birds of prey that live right here in South Carolina!

Monday, February 12 / Monday, February 19 / Monday, February 26


March of the Ants

Ants are fascinating and complex insects! Tunnel your way through their amazing lives.

Monday, March 11 / Monday, March 18 / Monday, March 25


Spring on the Farm

Get to know some of Riverbanks’ farm animals!

Monday, April 8 / Monday, April 15 / Monday, April 22


Program Details

Cost :
$10 per child.
Location :
Safari Camp at the Zoo.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received three weeks in advance of the session start date to receive a refund for your registration. Requests must be submitted in writing at Registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable should the cancellation or need to change a date occur within three weeks of the scheduled session.

In the rare event that Riverbanks Zoo and Garden must cancel the scheduled event, all deposits or money received will be reimbursed or an option to reschedule will be provided. Notification of cancellations will be provided at least ten days prior to the schedule event (unless weather-related). Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is not liable for any other expenses that the guest may have incurred in the preparation and execution of the event.

Refunds will not be provided for individuals who do not show up for the event or portion of the session dates.

Questions about Homeschool Programs?

Please call 803.602.0803 or email us.