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Virtual Programs

Visit Riverbanks through the help of the web! The following programs are offered September – May. For summer distance learning offerings and details, please contact us.

Distance Learning Tours

Join an educator on a tour of part of Riverbanks’ campus. These 30-minute experiences are a great introduction to the wildlife and wild places represented at the Zoo and Garden.

Available Programs

Fur, Feather, Scales (Kindergarten–5th Grade)

Animals come in all shapes, sizes, and coverings. Join us for a wild tour as we discuss animal characteristics that help us identify and group things in nature.

Home Sweet Habitat (Kindergarten–5th Grade)

From the ocean to the mountains, wetlands to desert, Earth is covered in beautiful landscapes that living things call home. Students will see what makes each home unique and how plants and animals function within these habitats.

Playful Primates (2nd–5th Grade)

Monkeys and apes never fail to amaze us with their super strength, expressive faces, and playful behavior. Come observe what makes these animals uniquely different yet the same.

What’s for Dinner? (2nd–5th Grade)

Teeth, beaks or even swallowing food whole, dinner time in the animal kingdom looks different from you and I. Explore the varied diets of animals around the world in this virtual lesson and tour.

Conservation Around the World (2nd–12th Grade)

Take a trip with us around the Zoo and world. We will explore how animals are adapted to different environments, how humans impact their populations, and the small changes each of us can make daily to help conserve wildlife.

Riverbanks Careers (6th–12th Grade)

Ever wondered about the people and careers that make Riverbanks work? Take a tour with us to discover the teamwork and talented people that run the Zoo.

Program Details

  • Cost :

    $50 per program.

  • Capacity :

    Limit 2 classes for in-person instructional models or 35 unique device logins for distance learning instructional models.

  • Program Length :

    30 minutes.

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Distance Learning Classes

Let Riverbanks bring classes to you with the help of the web. These 45-minute classes will cover the same great content with interactive activities and animal ambassadors.

Available Programs

Captivating Corals (2nd–8th Grade)

Take a dive below the ocean surface to discover the wonder of corals. Discover the basics of coral structures and how Riverbanks is helping these threatened species and habitats in the wild.

Investigating Adaptations (2nd–8th Grade)

Students will put their observation skills to the test as they investigate how Riverbanks’ species are adapted for survival.

Program Details

  • Cost :

    $65 per program.

  • Capacity :

    Limit 2 classes for in-person instructional models or 35 unique device logins for distance learning instructional models.

  • Program Length :

    45 minutes.

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation or date change requests must be received three weeks in advance of the event to receive a refund of your registration. Requests must be submitted in writing at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden will retain a 10% processing fee for cancellations.

In the rare event that Riverbanks Zoo and Garden must cancel the scheduled event, all deposits or money received will be reimbursed or an option to reschedule will be provided. Notifications of cancellation will be provided at least ten days prior to the scheduled event (unless weather-related). Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is not liable for any other expenses that the guest may have incurred in the preparation and execution of the event.

Refunds will not be provided for individuals who do not show up for the event.

Don’t see something that meets your needs? We will create custom programs for your group. Requests must be made at least 30 days in advance. A nominal development fee will be charged.

Interested in college level programs? Please contact the Education Department at 803.602.0803.

Questions about Virtual Programs?

Please call 803.602.0803 or email us.