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Dig into gardening with this exceptional collection of solid-performing bulbs, hand-picked by Riverbanks staff and proven to provide a spectacular pop of color February through May.

Entire Collection — $50

Bulbs are not available individually; they come as an entire collection/package.

Pre-order Today

Pick up Saturday, November 13 between 8:00am and 10:00am at the Botanical Garden.

Collection includes each of the following 11 bulb varieties — 121 total bulbs!

‘Caesar’s Brother’
Beautiful purple flowers in spring. Makes a great cut flower. Will form nice sized clumps over time. Can tolerate moist soil conditions. (24–36")
Allium shubertii
Volleyball-sized globe that has a rose/purple flower. Makes a great dried flower. Try spray painting the dried flower for decoration! (12")
Arum italicum
Great for shade! Green and white variegated foliage in winter, followed by a flower and a cluster of red berries borne on a single stalk.
Crocus tomassinianus
Lilac flowers with white hearts. Squirrel resistant! (6")
Purple flowers with hints of blue and yellow. Blooms mid-late spring. (40")
‘Dutch Master’
Large golden-yellow trumpets. Nice old-fashioned style daffodil. (mid-season, 18")
Pendulous, pure white flowers with 2 to 3 flowers per stem. (late bloom, 16")
White flowers with lovely peachy-yellow cups. (early-mid season bloom, 18")
Tulip clusiana
Perennial species tulip! Red petals with chartreuse interior. (mid-season, 8–10")
‘Queen Fabiola’
Blue bell-like flowers appear in late spring. Needs good summer drainage. Great cut flower. (18–24")
Leucojum aestivum
Pendulous white flowers in mid-spring. Great for naturalizing. Will take light shade. (15")