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North American Animals

Guests are greeted by North American river otters at Otter Run with broad under- and above-water views of swimming otters as well as unparalleled, shared-boundary views of neighboring grizzly bears. Grizzly Ridge offers nose-to-nose views of the bears through expansive and kid-size windows. Sea Lion Landing, a spectacular reproduction of San Francisco’s Pier 39, features California sea lions and a harbor seal, and brings awareness to the challenges that arise when wildlife lives in and near human communities.

California Sea Lion

Quick fact: California sea lions are very social, often resting in close-knit groups at haul-out sites on land.

Grizzly Bear

Quick fact: Grizzly bears will often stand on their hind legs to better use their keen sense of smell in locating food. Riverbanks’ two grizzlies are male siblings that were orphaned when young.

Harbor Seal

Quick fact: Harbor seals are mostly solitary and frequently visit the same favorite spots for resting, pupping and feeding. They normally dive in shallow waters, averaging 3 to 7 minutes under water, but can dive 1,500 feet for 40 minutes.

North American River Otter

Quick fact: River otters are members of the weasel family. Riverbanks’ newest otters came to Riverbanks from the Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, IL.