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Nubian Goat

Scientific Name: Capra hircus


Of the six officially recognized breeds of dairy goats raised in the United States, the inquisitive and vociferous Nubian goat is by far the most popular. Nubians can be readily distinguished by their high, rounded faces, variable coloration and patterns, short, slick coats, and long, floppy ears. Females are called nannies, or does, and males are referred to as bucks; the young are called kids.

Nubian goats are preferred because their milk has a higher butterfat content than other dairy goat breeds. Their milk makes delicious yogurt, cheese, butter and ice cream.


Nubian goats are the largest of desert breeds. Their ancestry is traceable back to Egyptian and Indian breeds, which were later crossed with Swiss goats.

Status in the Wild

There are no wild populations, as Nubian goats are domesticated.