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Birdhouse at Riverbanks

The Birdhouse at Riverbanks features three distinctive, geographically-themed bird habitats: Penguin Coast, a habitat for rockhopper, king, and gentoo penguins; Asian Trek, featuring birds such as the wreathed hornbill, birds of paradise, and the critically endangered Bali mynah; and Savanna Camp, showcasing the birds of the arid African and South American savannas.

Photo courtesy of ©Richard W. Rokes.

Bali Mynah

Quick fact: The Bali mynah is one of the world’s rarest birds, found only on the tip of the Indonesian island of Bali. Riverbanks has been heavily involved in conservation efforts of the species for more than 30 years.

Caribbean Flamingo

Quick fact: During spring the large flock of Caribbean flamingos housed in front of the Birdhouse at Riverbanks exhibit elaborate ritualized courtship displays.

Demoiselle Crane

Quick fact: Out of all 15 species of cranes, the Demoiselle crane is the tiniest, weighing about 4 to 7 pounds and measuring only 3 feet! Queen Marie Antoinette named these birds for their delicate and dainty features.

Gentoo Penguin

Quick fact: The scientific name for the gentoo penguin is Pygoscelis papua. The Latin pygoscelis means “rump-tailed” and refers to the large tail that is visible wagging as the penguin waddles on land.

King Penguin

Quick fact: Unlike most other penguins, the king does not build a nest; instead, the parent incubates the egg on its feet.

Rockhopper Penguin

Quick fact: Using their flipper-like wings to propel them through water, penguins engage in what can only be called underwater flying.