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Asian Animals

Various endangered and vulnerable Asian species are housed at Riverbanks including tigers, babirusas, siamangs, a tapir, and Komodo dragons.

Amur (Siberian) Tiger

Quick fact: Amur tigers are the largest living cats on Earth. They eat deer, pigs, antelope, buffalo, small mammals and birds.


Quick fact: Babirusas are good swimmers, and will even swim in the ocean to reach small islands.

Komodo Dragon

Quick fact: These powerful predators dine on large prey including deer, water buffalo, wild boar, goats, and on very rare occasion humans.

Malayan Tapir

Quick fact: Tapirs communicate with high-pitched whistles that resemble the sound of squeaky car brakes.

Photo courtesy of ©Columbia Metropolitan CVB.


Quick fact: One feature that distinguishes siamangs from other primates is the duet song that marks their territory with sound. It consists of loud booms and barks, amplified by resonating sounds across their inflated throat sacs.