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A Scientific Advisory Group of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. The AIG is dedicated to conserving bird species through captive propagation, education and research.
Bali Mynah SSP ( http://www.riverbanks.org/subsite/aig/baliopen.htm )
This Bali mynah SSP is dedicated to conserving the Bali mynah, the national bird of Indonesia. Research and re-introduction efforts are a major part of its work.
Experts responsible for making recommendations for AZA institutions regarding similar groups of animals (taxa). There are TAGs covering terrestrial invertebrates, bats, marine fishes, penguins, and others.
Here is a list of animal conservation-related links that we hope you find helpful and interesting. If you would like to suggest an addition to this list, please call us at 803.779.8717.
African Wildlife Foundation ( http://www.awf.org/ )
Conservation Breeding Specialist Group ( http://www.cbsg.org/ )
Defenders of Wildlife ( http://www.defenders.org/ )
Earthwatch Institute ( http://www.earthwatch.org/ )
National Wildlife Federation ( http://www.nwf.org/ )
S.C. Department of Natural Resources ( http://water.dnr.state.sc.us/ )
Tigris Foundation ( http://web.inter.nl.net/users/tiger/ )
TRAFFIC wildlife trade monitoring program ( http://www.traffic.org/ )
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ( http://www.fws.gov/ )
World Conservation Union ( http://www.iucn.org/ )
World Wildlife Fund ( http://www.worldwildlife.org/ )
Brookgreen Sculpture Gardens ( http://www.brookgreen.org/ )
Now acclaimed as the world's finest collection of American figurative sculpture, Brook-green Gardens includes a wildlife park with plants and animals in their native forest and swamp settings.
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources ( http://www.dnr.state.sc.us/ )
South Carolina Heritage Trust Program ( http://water.dnr.state.sc.us/wild/heritage/preserve.html )
South Carolina Plant Atlas ( http://cricket.biol.sc.edu/herb/ )
The purpose of this Atlas is to show, on a county by county basis, the distribution of all native and naturalized ferns, fern allies, gymnosperms, and angiosperms of South Carolina.
Yawkey Wildlife Preserve ( http://www.lowcountry-sc.com/yawkey/preserve.htm )
Accessible only by boat, the Yawkey Wildlife Preserve consists of North and South Is-land and most of Cat Island, three coastal islands at the mouth of Winyah Bay. Willed to the state's Natural Resources Department by the late Tom Yawkey, who owned the Boston Red Sox, the center is dedicated to the management of waterfowl habitat.
Garden Guides ( http://www.gardenguides.com/ )
NewCROPTM ( http://www.hort.purdue.edu/newcrop/ )
The Web site of the Center for New Crops & Plant Products, at Purdue University. NewCROP provides windows to new and specialty crop profiles.
American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta ( http://www.aabga.org/ )
The American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta is the professional association for public gardens in North America, supporting the public horticulture community in its mission to study, display, and conserve plants.
American Horticultural Society ( http://www.ahs.org/ )
The American Horticultural Society (AHS), an educational, nonprofit organization, is known for its national programs and the dissemination of horticultural information. It is one of the oldest and most prestigious gardening organizations in the United States. Its mission is to educate the inspire people of all ages to become successful and environmentally responsible gardeners by advancing the art and science of horticulture.
The American Society for Horticultural Science ( http://www.ashs.org/ )
The American Society for Horticultural Science promotes and encourages scientific research and education in horticulture within the United States and throughout the world. The Society's 4500 members represent all areas of horticultural science and include individuals who make recommendations and influence decisions in horticultural research, education, industry, extension, and the production and distribution of horticultural products.
Association of Zoological Horticulture ( http://www.azh.org/ )
To advance public and professional education of the importance of zoo horticulture and its role in the educational, recreational, conservation and scientific goals of the living natural history museum.
Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries ( http://huntbot.andrew.cmu.edu/cbhl/ )
The Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc. (CBHL) is an international organization of individuals, organizations and institutions concerned with the development, maintenance and use of libraries of botanical and horticultural literature. The purpose of CBHL is to initiate and improve communication and coordinate activities and programs of mutual interest and benefit to its membership.
Clemson Horticulture ( http://virtual.clemson.edu/groups/hort/ )
Clemson SC Botanical Garden ( http://virtual.clemson.edu/groups/scbg/ )
NC State Department of Horticulture ( http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/hort_sci/ )
The Plant Center ( http://www.plantcenter.uga.edu/ )
The Plant Center is designed to foster and support interactions among those members of the University of Georgia research community who share common interests in cellular and molecular aspects of plant growth and development, in plant genome organization and function, in the application of molecular and genetic tools to improve cultivated plants, and in organisms that interact with plants. The Plant Center hosts a regular seminar series, organizes an annual scientific retreat to encourage the development of interdisciplinary research, and sponsors symposia and technical workshops.
State Botanical Garden of Georgia ( http://www.uga.edu/botgarden/ )
University of Georgia Department of Plant Biology ( http://www.plantbio.uga.edu/ )
UNC Department of Biology ( http://www.bio.unc.edu/ )
USC Department of Biological Sciences ( http://www.biol.sc.edu/ )
Botanique ( http://www.botanique.com/ )
This site lists gardens open for tours in all fifty states and Canada. Listings are alphabetical by city for each state or province. Mailing addresses, locations and web links are provided where available.
Cartographic Links for Botanists ( http://www.helsinki.fi/~rlampine/cartogr.html )
Links to Internet sites with online plant distribution maps, information on plant distribution mapping projects, and computerized mapping in general. This page is primarily intended to serve botanists working with distribution mapping.
Environmental Education Link on the Internet ( http://eelink.net/gaindirectories.html )
Directories of Environmental Organizations consist of over 13,000 records of environmental organizations throughout the continental US and Hawaii. The best way to familiarize yourself with this resource is to simply try a few searches below. Any of the terms that you see in a GAIN data record is search able so feel free to search on organization names, cities, or any other text you see in the record.
Parks and Gardens of France ( http://www.jardinez.com/parc/indexenglish.html )
Plants for a Future ( http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/ )
Plants for a Future is a project based in Devon and Cornwall which seeks to gather to-gether and disseminate information on the many useful properties of plants, particularly those plants which are less common in today's society. They also have a beautiful patch of land in Cornwall which they are tending according to vegan-organic -permaculture principles, and concentrating on Perennial plants. They have produced many leaflets as well as a catalogue of plants available from them (currently we have too many other projects going to supply plants from the catalogue until later this year).
Premier Roses ( http://www.premroses.com/ )
Your online source for roses!
US Department of Agriculture ( http://www.usda.gov/ )
Virtual Garden ( http://www.vg.com/ )
This is a commercial site with a vast array of information presented in a non-commercial fashion, plus lots of stuff to buy.
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