Conservation & Care

Conservation is an action anyone can take to help protect the earth’s animals, plants and natural resources. Much of the world’s wildlife and wild places are threatened or endangered. Conservation is something we must learn to practice if we want to maintain a diverse and living earth.

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is dedicated to protecting the earth’s wildlife and wild places by increasing their awareness and appreciation, providing the highest standards of care for the animal and plant collections on-site and by conducting scientific research and activities that benefit both captive and wild populations. Riverbanks’ staff is active in a variety of efforts supporting conservation and science, from leadership in the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) to promoting sustainable practices within the organization and coordinating local, regional and global conservation efforts. A special Conservation Support Fund was established in 1996 to provide financial support necessary to accomplish the conservation efforts of Riverbanks’ staff and other conservation biologists around the globe.

Animal Enrichment at Riverbanks

Discover how the Zoo’s animal care staff encourages the animals to use their instincts while enhancing their overall health and wellbeing.

Photo courtesy of ©Richard W. Rokes.

Conservation Programs

Learn about Riverbanks’ participation in various programs that assist in the careful management and conservation of the animals.

Conservation Support Fund

Explore the many regional, national and international projects supported by the Riverbanks Conservation Support Fund—and then consider making a donation to help the cause!

Photo courtesy of ©Saint Loius Zoo.

Going Green

Dig up some fun facts outlining Riverbanks’ commitment to and implementation of everyday green practices.

Raptors & Endangered Species

Get the inside scoop on where the Riverbanks hospital staff treats injured raptors and endangered species and how you can help.

Photo courtesy of ©Ron Brasington.

Riverbanks’ Role

Discover the various ways Riverbanks is actively involved in wildlife conservation—and the many achievements that have come along with these important responsibilities.

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