Botanical Garden

Whether it’s a spectacular bloom, a mass of color or an unusual plant structure, there’s always something growing on at Riverbanks Botanical Garden! Hailed by Horticulture magazine as one of 10 gardens that inspire and by HGTV as one of 20 great public gardens across America, Riverbanks Botanical Garden boasts 70 acres of unparalleled beauty.

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Upcoming Garden Events & Programs

August 2016

Saturday, August 27

So you planted a garden this summer and had a bumper crop of cucumbers…or tomatoes…or eggplants…or your freezer is full of frozen berries. What are you going to do with all those hard-earned nutritious fruits and vegetables? This class will teach you how to preserve them for the future. Canning is an old trick for preservation, and lacto-fermenting even older—using naturally occurring bacteria to turn tons of cabbage into sauerkraut, cucumbers into pickles, and fruit into preserves. Come learn the basics of each and eat your tomatoes in the middle of January!
Cost: $20 per person per class.
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September 2016

Thursday, September 8

Backyard Buds: Dragonflies
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Dragonflies are fascinating creatures as they dip and swoop though the air. This session will cover the unique life cycle of the dragonfly and its important role in our ecosystem. Participants will get to make a sparkling dragonfly craft, and read a story that highlights the important mythology that the dragonfly holds for the Zuni people of the American Southwest.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Saturday, September 17

In the world of naturalists there are birders and there are folks who look for dragonflies, amphibian species, snakes and larger mammals—but the plant nut reigns supreme! Or, at least that is what we at the Botanical Garden would like to think. Plant identification is a useful skill that can help you find and identify other species in nature. Learn all about those little plant parts that will help you to identify plants from floras and field guides as well as prominent plant families in the South Carolina landscape.
Cost: $15 per person per class.

Thursday, September 22

Backyard Buds: All About Our Senses
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Explore the garden using your five senses. Children will engage in activities based on the idea that all five of our senses are important when experiencing the outdoors. Get a chance to taste something made with herbs from the garden, smell the flowers, see the colors, hear the birds and insects, and touch the textures of the garden. Make some bug slime to take home so you can share the experience!
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

October 2016

Saturday, October 1

Create a beautiful cast of a large leaf and have a garden decoration that will outlast the frost. Cast concrete leaves can be used to create your own fountains, stepping stones or garden accents. All materials will be provided, and you can leave the mess here instead of making one at home! The leaf will need 48 hours to cure before you can take it home.
Cost: $25 per person per class.

Thursday, October 6

Backyard Buds: What Comes Out of An Egg
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
So you found an egg! Now what do you think is going to come out of there? Explore the reptilian, amphibian, insect and avian worlds all through the scope of an egg. Look at different types of eggs that animals make and some crazy animals that make eggs even though they are not reptiles, amphibians or birds! Explore the possibilities of what that incredible egg could become.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Saturday, October 15

Terrariums have been popular since the late 19th century and have come into vogue once more. Bringing the nature indoors can be an interesting way to observe the water cycle with children and also make a beautiful accent to your home décor. Join us in making small terrariums in either an open or closed system. Learn how to care for your terrarium and how to trouble shoot any problems that may occur.
Cost: $30 per person per class.

Thursday, October 20

Backyard Buds: Pumpkins and Gourd Painting
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Join us for our annual tradition of pumpkin and gourd painting. Paint a small pumpkin for the harvest season, and learn a little bit about the tradition of gourd decoration.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

November 2016

Thursday, November 3

Backyard Buds: Rascally Raccoons
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Did you hear that? I think someone is in the trash again! Is it your dog? Nope. It’s that rascally raccoon! Raccoons are one of the most common backyard critters and are found all over the United States. Participants will find out why those raccoons have been so successful in living with humans for so long and what the night life looks like for our raccoon friends.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Saturday, November 12

As we slip into the winter months, come and learn a new hobby when the weather is too cold to enjoy the outdoors. Stamp carving is a fairly easy craft, and your imagination is your only limit. Learn how to carve stamps that you can use to make paper crafts, art prints, or use in place of any store bought stamp. Participants will carve a stamp during class and will be provided with a carving tool for making stamps into the future.
Cost: $30 per person per class.

Thursday, November 17

Backyard Buds: Nature Painting
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Back by popular demand, use items found in nature to make some interesting fall-inspired paintings and crafts.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

December 2016

Thursday, December 1

Backyard Buds: The Icky Bug ABC’s
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Based upon the “Icky Bug ABC’s” book, reinforce the ABC’s and early reading skills while taking a look at some crazy bugs. Learn what a true bug is and have a chance to look at some very icky bugs up close. See if you can make a letter look like an icky bug!
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Thursday, December 15

Backyard Buds: Nature’s Ornaments
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Use natural materials to make holiday decorations that you can share with your family and friends. This session is focused mainly on fun and creativity and sharing with others for the holidays.
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Saturday, December 17

Celebrate the season by making a fresh wreath to welcome your guests at the front door. This annual class is well loved and enjoyed with friends and family. Plant material and wreath forms are provided, and each wreath becomes a festive and unique expression of your holiday spirit.
Cost: $25 per person per class.

View a complete listing of what’s happening at Riverbanks.

Themed Gardens

Dramatic and themed gardens showcase more than 4,200 species of native and exotic plants, providing a living classroom for gardeners and non-gardeners alike—and an ideal location for weddings and special events.

Waterfall Junction

Visitors of all ages are invited to get outdoors and connect with nature at Waterfall Junction, Riverbanks’ brand-new 3-acre children’s garden, featuring a dino dig, giant tree houses, splash zone and more.

The Asian Garden

Thanks to the assistance of the Ikebana Chapter 182, the Asian Garden has grown into a lush and botanically diverse space.

Bog Garden

Just inside the Garden gate, visitors will enjoy an impressive welcome in the midst of a waterfall and lush bog-loving plants.

The Collection Garden

Riverbanks Botanical Garden is home to more than 100 different species and hybrids of Crinum lilies, more commonly known to some as milk and wine lilies.

Dry Garden

Botanical Garden adventures begin in the parking lot with drought-tolerant plants and river rocks.

Old Rose Garden

Experience one of the world’s largest public collections of Noisettes, known for their sweet perfume, long blooming season and historical ties to South Carolina.

Shade Garden

A leisurely walk over the Treetops Bridge leads to this tranquil garden showcasing traditional shade-loving plants as well as perennials, vines and woody plants.

Walled Garden

This 34,000-square-foot garden is Riverbanks’ premier botanical exhibit. This magnificent maze of seasonal and themed gardens inspires new ideas and awakens the imagination, often influencing the design of local backyards.

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