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  • Spreading Our Wings

    Over the next 2 years, the landscape at Riverbanks will vastly change as a result of a $36 million dollar expansion. Stay up-to-date on how your Zoo’s future is shaping up!

  • Group Overnights at the Zoo

    Spend a wild night at Riverbanks with animal encounters, tours, games and activities. Wake up the next day to a light breakfast and then explore the Zoo. Plus, try our new dinner option!

  • Summer Zoo Camp

    The adventure begins June 8 - Campers enjoy up-close encounters, behind-the-scenes tours, zoo walks, games, crafts and more. Register by March 15 to get 15% off!

  • Wine Tasting at Riverbanks Botanical Garden

    Friday, April 24, 7-9:30pm - Sample a variety of domestic and imported wines in one of the nation’s most beautiful and inspiring public gardens. Tickets on sale now.


Upcoming Events & Programs

Friday, February 27

Free Fridays
@ 9:00am–5:00pm
Free Fridays are back at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden! Residents of Richland and Lexington counties will receive free admission to the Zoo and Garden every Friday during the months of January and February. Guests will be asked to provide a valid driver’s license or property tax statement as proof of residency.

Saturday, February 28

Pony Classes: Ponies 101
@ 9:00am (ages 6–11)
Children will experience what it takes to get Riverbanks’ ponies ready for a day of riding. Learn how to measure, groom and tack the Zoo’s gentle ponies during this fun-filled class. Then, to make sure the ponies are ready for the day, participants will get to go for a pony ride around the trail!
Cost: $18 per parent-child pair (plus admission for general public.)

Thursday, March 5

Backyard Buds: Messy Mud Pies
@ 10:00–10:45am (ages 2–5)
Create unique art with natural materials as we make different kinds of mud pies, explore soil types and create a mud splatter painting. Using natural materials will encourage creativity and understanding of the environment around us. Dress for a mess!
Cost: $6 for one child (with one adult) per class. Plus admission for general public.

Saturday, March 7

Nature Explorers: Garden Gross-ology
@ 10:00am–12:00pm (ages 5–9)
There are many gross and disgusting things that the plants and animals do to survive. We will take a look at owl pellets, snail slime, plants that eat bugs, bugs that love blood, and more as we dive into the gross world of gardening!
Cost: $10 per child per class. Plus admission for general public.

Monday, March 9

Slow-moving tortoises, colorful chameleons, alligators in armor: It’s true; scaly skin is in! Investigate these remarkable animals to learn what makes a reptile a reptile, and discover the important roles that reptiles play in ecosystems all over the world. See why it’s cool to be cold-blooded!
Cost: $5 per participant. Plus admission for general public.

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