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Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
500 Wildlife Parkway, Columbia, SC 29210
Phone: 803.779.8717
Fax: 803.253.6381

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is pleased to provide a variety of ways to assist you with your questions and comments. Most general information questions can be answered one of the following ways:

  • Review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.
  • Use the Search function at the top of the page.
  • Use the following Easy Find drop-down menu:

Many general questions also can be answered by accessing the recorded information at our general phone number: 803.779.8717.

Information about numerous departments (e.g., Botanical Garden, Education, Riverbanks Society, etc.) can be found by visiting the appropriate sections of the Web site.

If you have a question that cannot be answered by using these methods, please complete the Contact Form and select the department that you are trying to reach. A response will be emailed within 1-3 business days.