Large Mammals

Riverbanks Zoo and Garden has long been home to some of the earth’s most popular and spectacular creatures! African lions, Amur (or Siberian) tigers and siamang apes are long-time family members of the Zoo.

African Lion

Quick fact: Lion manes are thought to assist the male in attracting females at mating time as well as frightening off rival males.

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Quick fact: Babirusas are good swimmers, and will even swim in the ocean to reach small islands.

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Hamadryas Baboon

Quick fact: Adult males will emit a warning call that sounds like “wahoo” if predators are in the area. This call is also used to signal aggression.

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Photo courtesy of ©Columbia Metropolitan CVB.


Quick fact: One feature that distinguishes siamangs from other primates is the duet song that marks their territory with sound. It consists of loud booms and barks, amplified by resonating sounds across their inflated throat sacs.

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