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Pick Your Plants…at Riverbanks Botanical Garden

For Immediate Release: April 12, 2011

More Than 80 Varieties Offered at Spring Plant Sale

[Columbia, SC] — Spring planting is in full bloom and now you can add even more luster to your landscape with selections from the annual spring plant sale hosted by Riverbanks Botanical Garden.

The plant sale will take place this Saturday, April 16, from 9:00am–noon at the Botanical Garden Growing Center off Seminole Drive.

Shoppers can choose from more than 5,000 plants representing more than 80 varieties of flowers, bulbs, trees and shrubs.

A few of this year’s must-haves include…

  • Antirrhinum hispanicum Spanish Snapdragon: This perennial snapdragon produces yellow and blue bi-colored flowers that bloom all summer long. It also handles heat and humidity well and will come back every year.
  • Brugmansia ‘Double White’ Angel’s Trumpet: Bright, double white blossoms cover this plant all summer, producing a sweet fragrance and making it a perfect patio plant. It tops off at about 8 feet in a sunny location and will spread wider each year.
  • Colocasia ‘Thailand Giant’ Giant Elephant Ear: This selection sold out so quickly last year, we had to offer it again! With the right care, this plant’s giant green leaves can reach 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide. It prefers full or partial sun and is perfect for the gardener who thrives on excess.

The price range for most plants will be $4–$10. Shoppers should enter the Botanical Garden at 1201 Seminole Drive, and those with their sights set on a particular plant are asked to arrive early.