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The internship program at Riverbanks is an opportunity for college students to acquire experience and knowledge by working along side our professional staff. Although it is a non-paid internship, the experience will no doubt benefit any future endeavors in the zoological field or related area of interest. Internships are available to college students in animal care, public relations, summer camp (education major only), education programs (education major only), ZooTeen program, horticulture and other areas of request.

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Upon receiving the completed application, selected students will be contacted to schedule an interview. Efforts are made to place students in their area of interest.

For more information, please call the Staffing and Training Manager at 803.602.0829 or email Tracy Hughes.

Current Internship Positions (last updated on September 12, 2016)

Event Fall Internship (Unpaid Internship – no housing available)

Posted: 6/23/16

The Event Department at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is proud to offer an internship experience for qualified students. The purpose of an internship in our Event Department is to gain an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Riverbank’s mission and how it is achieved through various functions and operations throughout the zoo and garden.

Under general supervision, you’ll be responsible for helping to ensure high quality nighttime events and positive guest experience. During your internship, you’ll gain exposure to several of our signature events such as Zoofari and Boo at the Zoo.

General responsibilities include:

  • Learning the logistics of Event Planning through promotions, on site execution, and implementation for setting up and tearing down of events.
  • Working closely with the Event Coordinator to procure donations for our Silent auction at our annual gala, ZOOfari.
  • Intern will gain an understanding of large capacity and long term events, such as Boo at the Zoo and Lights Before Christmas. 
  • Position will shadow marketing department staff, offer input into projects, will be invited to meetings, and may be asked to assist other departments.

Intern will gain and/or improve upon his or her:

  • General communication skills.
  • Logistical support of fundraiser style events.
  • Knowledge of conflict resolution.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, mission-driven organization.
  • Understanding of special events and hospitality industry.

This is a full time unpaid internship open to undergraduates seeking degrees in Hospitality or related fields. Interns are required to work 400 hours during their fall semester. Applicants must be able to work during the day and some nights and weekends.  

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Aquarium Spring Internship (Please apply by September 30, 2016 — Unpaid Internship — no housing available)

Posted: 9/12/16

The aquarium at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden is proud to offer internship experience for qualified students. The purpose of an internship in our Aquarium is to gain an in-depth knowledge of working in a public aquarium. At the completion of the internship, you will have a great appreciation for the various facets that make up fish and invertebrate husbandry in a public aquarium environment.

Our Aquarium-Reptile Complex, commonly referred to as the ARC, is comprised of five distinct ecosystems showcasing over 125 species of aquatic vertebrates and 200 species of aquatic invertebrates in over 80,000 gallons of water. Interns, alongside our staff, will provide the highest standards of care for our living collections, conserving biodiversity through careful utilization of all available resources.

The categories of study during the internship are water chemistry, fish and invertebrate identification, life support systems, veterinary practices, fish disease, and fish and invertebrate husbandry. Skill development and learning opportunities in these categories will include the following:

  • Assisting with daily maintenance of animal enclosures and exhibits.
  • Learning about animal nutrition and prepare diets.
  • Learning about animal behaviors in both captive and natural environments.
  • Observing operant conditioning techniques of captive animals.
  • Designing and implementing environmental enrichment techniques.
  • Observing medical procedures alongside Aquarists and Veterinarians.

Each intern will have the opportunity to work with different members of our Aquarium staff learning specific skills and knowledge from the above categories.

This is an unpaid internship open to undergraduates seeking degrees in biology or related fields. Interns must complete at least 160 hours over a minimum of 10 weeks. Applicant must be able to work any day of the week, including weekends and holidays.

Apply today! Submit an online internship application.

Internship Requirements Review and consider if interested in an internship.

  • Major must be related to internship area.
  • Must be a hard worker, enthusiastic, and willing to learn.
  • Animal Care Interns must be at least 18 years old.
  • There are two levels of time commitment for college internships, but we are willing to accept students for non-credit. Level 1 college credit assigned project for 40 hours per week (minimal of 3 months.) Level 2 college credit assigned project for 20–40 hours per week (minimal of 2 months.) Non-college project for 20–40 hours per week (minimal of 2 months.)
  • A current tuberculin skin test prior to interning.
  • Must follow Riverbanks Appearance Policy. Riverbanks supplies interns with T-shirts and a nametag. Interns have the option of purchasing additional uniform items at their own expense. Interns are responsible for purchasing khaki pants/shorts and closed-toe shoes.
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